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Christmas shopping made easy!

Looking for the perfect gift for the lover of mystery, mayhem and maggots? Poisoned Justice was released yesterday! It’s available for sale directly through the publisher website will also let you order from Amazon and Barnes & Noble, but I get a bigger cut if you order directly from Pen-L—as if this is going to make me rich).

The cost is $14.97 (plus shipping, depending on how you order) or $4.97 for the Kindle edition. So what do you get for your money? Well, based on my calculations you will pay:

$3.24 per murder (if we throw in a suicide, otherwise it’s $4.98/death which is still a

good deal all things considered)

$2.99 per reference to maggots (e.g., “I remember the time a suspect’s alibi collapsed

when the maggots feasting on the victim’s brains were three days behind those

setting up house in his mouth and nose…”)

$2.49 per sexy scene (e.g., “I shed my clothes and stretched out on the cool silk

sheets. After some preliminaries that started off gently and escalated to involve

teeth and nails, she pulled a pair of black silk ropes from the nightstand


$2.14 per reference to Irish whiskey (e.g., “I’ve always found it odd that a good whiskey

is as old as the people who can legally drink it—and there’s something screwy in

a country where you can be sent to die in a war before you can have a drink to

toast your own descent into hell.”)

$2.14 per reference to sports (e.g., “Football was more to my liking. The Fighting Irish

excelled at cracking skulls—a more watchable endeavor than swinging at curve


$1.87 per reference to rats and pigeons (e.g., “Rats are just being rodents and

sociopaths are just being humans. But somebody has to make sure that

innocent people aren’t hurt by these creatures…”)

$1.66 per reference guns (e.g., The blow flies were looking to lay their eggs on a

corpse that they could smell but couldn’t find. From what I’ve seen, they favor

bullet holes and knife wounds. A shotgun blast is a virtual nursery.”)

$0.83 per reference to classical music (e.g., “On my way home, KDFC switched to

playing the Brandenburg Concerto No. 5. Anything by Bach is preferable to

classical guitar, but a little harpsichord goes a long way.”)

So the story is a great deal by any reasonable measure!

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