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A Riley the Exterminator Mystery, Book 2

The body of a gay cop who committed suicide, a radical commune in the hills above Berkeley, and a pest outbreak that will cost California $10 billion.

Knowing that police-detective-turned-exterminator Riley has what is needed—knowledge of both two- and six-legged vermin—an old flame draws him into a perilous search for the mastermind behind the most devastating insect outbreak in the nation's history.



Behind the Carbon Curtain is an exploration of how corporate wealth and power are being used to censor the free expression of ideas in America. To understand the political and moral hazards of violating this right, there is no more compelling, contemporary context than the energy industry’s application of economic pressure to suppress the expression of ideas that are contrary to the financial interests of those who profit from fossil fuels. Accounting for 15% of the world’s coal production, Wyoming is a sociopolitical lens that magnifies the intensity of the conflicts between the goals of the energy industry and the duties of public institutions.


Blogging about writing seems weirdly self-referential (sort of like a painter painting himself painting, as with Norman Rockwell’s Triple Self-Portrait).  But for me—and many other writers—the joy of authorship is in the writing and revision process.  Sure, the final product is gratifying, but the daily struggles, wonders, surprises, disasters, dead-ends, and breakthroughs are what keep me going.  And so, I invite you to come along and read about the creation of what I hope you will one day read in published form.  Maybe it’s a bit like seeing a fetal ultrasound—the fascination of wondering how that amorphous blob becomes something beautiful.

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